Program at museum will promote discussion and critical thinking

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A program at the David Owsley Museum of Art welcomes anyone to bring their lunch and discuss the visual elements of artwork on Friday.

The Talking About Art program, which begins at noon, projects a piece from the museum and encourages participants to collectively examine what the work is about simply by using evidence from the work itself. 

Cathy Bretz, the education program coordinator for the museum and one of the leaders of the program, said she hopes people get a better understanding  of how to discuss art using the strategies.

“The discussion utilizes a specific method known as visual thinking strategies,” Bretz said. “It is a method that is pretty much designed for participants to learn through art. It’s not about the art from a historical perspective. It’s more geared to conversation and critical thinking.”

Bretz said the discussion is led by a series of three questions: “What’s going on in this picture?” “What do you see that makes you say that?” “What more can we find?”

“The questions are designed to get people talking about the story,” Bretz said. “They’re thinking about the possibilities, and there’s no one right answer. It’s asking participants to think critically. It’s not just imagination — it’s supported arguments.”



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