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After being gone for seven years, “Arrested Development” has returned for a fourth season. I am one of the lucky few who didn’t have to wait all seven years for its return because I only got into the show my freshman year. Nevertheless, I was very much excited for the new season.

While extremely thrilled to see the cast together again, I was also very weary. Shows have been canceled and brought back before and they’ve been complete busts. I really didn’t want this show to be one of them. 

I hadn’t done much research before the fourth season, so I had no idea that all 15 episodes were going to be released to Netflix at one time. When the clock struck three on Monday morning, I was prepped and ready to binge watch the entire season in one fell swoop, despite pleas from show creator Mitch Hurwitz to watch the episodes gradually over a period of time.

The season starts off with Michael Bluth hitting his lowest point at a Bluth family made up event, “Cinco de Cuatro.” Every episode after is the story of a different member of the Bluth family, “whose future was abruptly canceled,” and how they had “no choice but to keep their [lives] together.” 

Being that each episode is devoted to a different person, I was immediately worried about whether or not the characters would continue to interact in the way we all know and love, because, of course, one of the greatest things about the show is how well the characters work together and play off of one another. After watching the season, I realize that I had no reason to worry and that, even when separated, the lives  of the Bluth family members are connected.

Having each episode cover the last five years of a different member of the family would have been a risky move had Netflix not released all the episodes together. Although the initial purpose wasn’t for the episodes to be watched all in one sitting, I think that having it available to do just that has been a contributing factor to the season’s success. 

All of the episodes are so intertwined, it’s insane. I haven’t seen continuity on this level since I watched “Lost.” For that reason, it just feels right to watch this season all the way through. That way you don’t have a chance to forget all of the wonderful intricacies. If the episodes were released in normal episodic style, once a week, I’m sure the season wouldn’t have been the same experience. 

This season brings back several beloved guest stars such as Henry Winkler as the Bluth’s idiotic attorney, Barry Zuckerkorn, Ben Stiller as G.O.B.’s arch nemesis, and of course, Liza Minnelli as the Bluth’s wealthy adversary, Lucille Austero or “Lucille 2.” Adding to the never disappointing list of guest stars this season, we have Isla Fisher as Michael’s new love-interest, Rebel Alley, Ron Howard as himself and everyone else from Conan O’Brien to Seth Rogen. The trio from “Workaholics” even makes a guest appearance.

If you haven’t already watched the season, I assure you, it’s well worth the time. The show’s plethora of merry mix-ups and use of clever wordplay make it a must-see. 


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