New shuttle buses on campus

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New shuttle buses feature ramps for students with disabilities and can be used off-campus for field trips and potentially as an airport shuttle.

Two new buses mean cleaner emission and lower maintenance costs said Sue Weller, director of Facilities Business Services and Transportation.

“Some of the buses that are running are old,” she said. 

Weller said the university has a plan to replace some buses every couple of years, each currently at a cost of $160,000. Those buses that are replaced will be kept around and used for spare parts to fix the other, older buses. 

The main reason for changing the buses is an increase in maintenance costs as the buses get older.

“We are just spending so much money keeping the older buses running,” Weller said.

Another incentive to purchase new buses is newer engine technology.

“These buses are built to new engine standards. They burn bio-diesel which means a very clean burning bus,” Weller said. 

These new engines mean higher reliability which will allow them to not only have local, on-campus routes, but also take students on fieldtrips, athletic events and used as airport shuttles. 

These buses are also equipped with lifts to allow students with physical handicaps to ride them as well. 

Weller said she just hopes students will ride these new buses and let the transportation department know what they think.

“Our feedback has been pretty positive,” she said. “We always want to hear what students feel like.”


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