A Spark Forward wins 2013 Student Government Association election

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President-elect Malachi Randolph leads his slate and supporters in prayer at the Multicurtural Center on Feb. 26. A Spark Forward won the Student Government Association election with 2,189 votes. DN PHOTO MARCEY BURTON
President-elect Malachi Randolph leads his slate and supporters in prayer at the Multicurtural Center on Feb. 26. A Spark Forward won the Student Government Association election with 2,189 votes. DN PHOTO MARCEY BURTON


The slate won with a total of 2,189 votes, just 10 votes less than the total amount of SGA votes cast last year. Cardinal United received 1,969 votes and 827 students voted for Fusion.

Vice president-elect Chloe Anagnos described the tension in the room when the call was made to Spark. 

“Honestly, I thought we lost by the expression on Malachi’s face,” she said. “Pure joy is a very hard feeling to describe but that’s exactly what I am feeling. We just worked so hard since November. I’m still in shock.”

President-elect Malachi Randolph said he does not attribute the slate’s victory to his role as president, but to the effort of the entire campaign team.

“I did not carry this slate and usually the presidential candidate carries the slate,” he said. “These people carried me, and I feel so lucky to be a part of [this]. That sounds scripted, but I felt humbled.”

Along with Spark’s slate, secretary-elect is Giang Tran and treasurer-elect is Kevin Mullaney.

“I like how Spark is focused on relationships on campus,” senior Ethan Johnson said. “I’m looking forward to seeing how they do next year.”


Freshman Ashley Lahue agrees.


“I’m really happy for them,” Lahue said. “Chloe is one of my sorority sisters so I am very happy they won.”

The election calls to Cardinal United and Fusion were a very different experience than Spark’s. The announcement kept already quiet and anxious rooms silent. 

“I’m glad that my friend won and Cardinal United didn’t,” Nick Wilkey, Fusion vice presidential candidate said.

Alexa Gates, Cardinal United vice presidential candidate, said she wasn’t surprised the race was close between them and Spark.

“The reality is that we knew since the beginning that it was going to come down between the two of us,” she said.

The number of votes cast for the SGA election this year more than doubled the 2,199 votes last year with a total of 4,985. 

Kevin Thurman, elections board chair, said his goal for voting was 3,000. He said it was an accomplishment for SGA to exceed the number of 4,200 votes cast for Homecoming king and queen last year. 

Fayeann Hurley, Cardinal United secretary candidate, said campaigning has changed from past years based on the voting totals.

“A lot more people this year were aware of the [SGA] election than last year’s,” she said. “I think more people wanted it and people’s staffs and slates were larger because obviously, there was more noise on campus.”

Wilkey said getting that many students involved has a lasting effect.

“It’s just incredible that we reached out to that many people, and hopefully that many people can get back involved with SGA and now they understand what we do,” he said.

Spark cited their conversations with Mayor Dennis Tyler about safety and lighting concerns and athletic director Bill Scholl to plan football events as the first things to tackle on their platform.

“I'm excited for next year,” Anagnos said. “I think that it's going to take a lot of hard work from all of us but we already know how to work well together. We have a great team.”

This election was filled with controversial charges, including a $519 charge to Cardinal United on false accusations that two of the campaign staff members were in charge of an anonymous Twitter account that cyber bullied a senator. 

Cardinal United members attributed part of the 220-vote margin to alleged campaigning in residence halls by Spark. 

Thurman said the accusation was reported to the elections board. Five members voted the complaint was not a violation while one was in favor of it being a violation and one member wasn’t present.

Mullaney said Spark will carry their professionalism and approachability with them into their year in office.

“We really want to show people we are being genuine,” he said. “Being able to talk to people and relate to them as a Ball State student is one of our strengths and something we want to carry on into the next year.”

The current slate, Alliance and Spark will work together to assure that transition in the leadership of SGA goes smoothly. 


 “I've already gotten multiple emails from Chris Wilkey, so I'm getting down to business today,” Anagnos said. “We have a lot to learn through our transition period and I'm so excited to get started.”


Spark will officially take over office after the inauguration ceremony in April. 



Brad Huber contributed to this story. 


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