For Ball State field hockey seniors Marisa Weachter and Devon Bell, this weekend will be, as they both said, “bittersweet.”

“I think for me it’s really bittersweet, because I’ve really enjoyed my four years here,” Weachter said. “I’m really going to miss these girls. I love this team. They’re awesome. But at the same time, I’m looking forward to starting my next move in life, with my career, looking for the next thing I’m going to go into.”

Weachter said she is looking to go into something in marketing.

“I’m not really sure yet – just hopefully finding something,” she said.

Bell had similar reactions to her final Ball State regular season match.

“[Marisa] took the words; it’s bittersweet,” Bell said. “Marisa and I together – as a senior class – I wouldn’t trade a different classmate for the world. We’ve definitely had a unique experience.”

However, Weachter and Bell have one more home match together – Sunday against Bellarmine.

Ball State played against Bellarmine as its first opponent of the season but just as a scrimmage that didn’t count in the record books.

Coach Beth Maddox said she doesn’t think the familiarity with the opponent will impact the match on Sunday.

“Honestly, I don’t think [the scrimmage] affects us at all,” Maddox said. “That was in the very beginning of the year. They’re a different team. We’re a different team. They want to beat us, we want to beat them.”

Maddox said her team is different now, because the women are smarter and “hopefully it’ll finally translate to their play.”

Bell is an outwardly emotional player, while Weachter is more inwardly emotional, but Sunday may change that for Weachter in her final regular season match, they said.

“I think the emotions are really high this weekend,” Weachter said. “[There will be] just a whole bunch of different emotions at once.”

Bell agreed that their sentiments will be easier to spot on Sunday.

 “I think that because it’s our end, Marisa will be a little more outward as well,” Bell said.

During the four years Weachter and Bell have spent together, their teams have gone a combined 20-80.