Pair campaigns for Ron Paul on campus

Bob Lynch and Milton Lukins have been seen campaigning for Ron Paul on Ball State's campus with hopes that young people will make a change.

The duo is hoping to receive some valid signatures from students to assist in placing Ron Paul on the 2012 presidential ballot.

Both traveled from Virginia and are focusing on specific congressional districts across the states. The duo arrived at Ball State with the hopes of obtaining 1,000 signatures on the petition.

"We're taking people on their word, so obviously you want a cushion," Lynch said.

Assistant Professor of Political Science Charles Taylor stated that in some cases, people sign the petition unaware that they need to be a registered voter. Another mistake people make is they sign the petition after moving, they may accompany their signature with the wrong address. In both cases, the signatures will not count.

"Whatever the supporters are doing petitioning like this to get [the candidates] on the ballot, they need to overshoot and get an extra 10-15 percent signatures," Taylor said. "So they have room for [signatures] that get thrown out because of error or if they can't read the name."

Taylor said the next step is to distribute the signatures to the secretary of state's office to check for validity.

Lynch said he believes being on campus is crucial, and he was impressed with what he saw from the university and the potential of the students to aid in a change.

"I'm very happy; I think [Ball State] is a fine university, and that is one of the perks of helping a good candidate, you get to see different parts of America and visit different schools," Lynch said. "Young people still have the faith inside to believe the world is changeable and good things can happen."

Taylor said he thinks Ball State was a good choice for campaigning because he believes Paul has struck a chord with young people. Taylor said Paul is the only Republican candidate with an anti-war stance that attracts young people.

By seeing Lynch and Lukins campaigning on campus, Taylor said this will bring awareness to the students and raise Paul's visibility to those who have been less attentive. Taylor said voting is important and students should become as familiar with this process as possible.

"Voting is one of our rights as a citizen, people have an obligation to be informed when they cast their vote," Taylor said. "It's good for them to become involved find out about the candidates positions and vote for the one that best represents their own views." 


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