University reports seven vehicles broken into early Thursday morning

At least seven vehicles were broken into at the parking lot of Scheumann Stadium at about 2:30 Thursday morning.

According to Bob Fey, UPD assistant chief of police, a UPD dispatcher observed on a surveillance camera that an individual was attempting to enter vehicles in the stadium parking lot. Officers were dispatched to the area where they caught the suspect in the 2400 block of West Bethel Avenue.

William C. Newman III, 18, was apprehended at the scene. According to a UPD report, Newman, a Ball State student, had several power charging cords hanging out of his jacket. Newman then admitted to entering several vehicles and stealing charging cables, spare change and CD's.

Newman told police that he was leaving a party, where he had been drinking and smoking marijuana, when he decided to begin breaking into vehicles.

At least seven vehicles were broken into and only four reports have been filed.

"We anticipate that at least three more people are going to come forward," Fey said.

UPD recovered the stolen property at the scene and returned the items to the victims.

The stolen property amounted to $545.00, according to UPD reports.

Newman was taken into custody and transported to the Delaware County Jail where he will be charged with seven counts of theft, seven counts of unlawful entry in a motor vehicle, public intoxication, minor consumption and possession of paraphernalia.

Break-ins of this caliber fluctuate from semester to semester and year to year, Fey said.

"This kind of thing runs in streaks," Fey said. "We may have a semester or a year where break-ins are high, but the next year, next semester, that number will change," Fey said. "It's based on the offenders that are out there."