Students sell class work at Atrium tables

With holiday shopping underway, Ball State artists are hoping to sell their crafts to fellow students, peddling their wares from table displays at the Atrium.

Dru Patrick stood with other metalsmithing majors near the art gallery on Friday as they tried to sell some of their pieces.

"This is actually the first year in a few years that we've had the chance to sell stuff," Patrick said. "... This year we kind of found time to make some extra stuff and we all need some extra money during the holidays."

Placed on boxes or hanging from open luggage and instrument cases, colorful pieces of jewelry were waiting to be sold, including necklaces, earrings and pendants.

On the other side of the Atrium were long tables of pottery. Three students from an adult night class for ceramics managed the sale, including mugs, sculptures and other pieces.

Carol Burt takes a ceramics class with about 20 other adults every Wednesday night. She said the sale is a way of clearing out the ceramics room.

"If you make a lot of pots, you have to get rid of them," Burt said with a sigh.

She also said that it's a great time of year to sell pottery because students can get a unique gift for a great price.

In their fourth and final day of selling, Burt said that will probably have another sale at the end of next semester. They'll be in the Atrium until 6 tonight. The students selling jewelry plan on staying until 6 or 7 p.m., and they might sell again on Tuesday morning, depending on how well sales go today, Patrick said. The group also plan on having another booth close to Valentine's Day.


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