VIDEO: Students rake leaves for elderly and disabled in Muncie

Ball State students got plenty of exercise on Saturday. Over a hundred students participated in Student Voluntary Services annual leaf raking event for the elderly and disabled.


Out of 43 yards, only three were left unfinished. One of the yards that didn't get done was the home of 87-year old Martha Claspell. Students have been raking her yard, which is almost an acre, for more than six years.

"They do a great job. I really appreciate them" she said.

Claspell said it wouldn't be a huge hassle to hire someone to clean up her yard, but she prefers Ball State students for a specific reason.

"I like to see all the young people out doing things."

Claspell is also active within the community. She volunteers at the hospital twice a week and said that it's not always about the service you're doing, but more about the connections you're making.

"It's just being with people. You know some people are so upset when they come in and if you just sit down and talk with them, and tell them you've had similar experiences and that the results were positive."

Danielle Kischuk, President of SVS, has been a part of this program and event for four years. She, too, understands what a difference volunteering makes in people's lives, no matter how small.

"These people look forward to seeing us every year to rake their leaves. And sometimes you don't even talk to them, but you just see them watching. I think that's the reward."

SVS has a make-up day scheduled on Nov. 19 for the unfinished yards.


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