Trendz of Essence explores the meaning of fashion

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Bright colors, patterns and textures on clothes ranging from vintage to bold styles painted the runway Friday night at the Trendz of Essence Modeling and Dance Troupe's annual fashion show.

It was a full house at Cardinal Hall in the L.A. Pittenger Student Center with some members of the audience having to stand up against the walls in order to catch a glimpse of the show.

This year's theme was "The definition of fashion." Different groups thought of words that define fashion and made different scenarios where these defining words would work.

From "strange" to "sexy," models brought the theme to life with their acting and dancing on the runway.

Aside from the fashion show, the event included some dance and singing acts.

Ti'Asha Oglesby, president of Trendz of Essence, said after months of practice and organizing, seeing the show finally happen was relieving.

"I'm really pleased with the outcome," she said. "I had been involved with practice and putting together the event, so seeing it gave me a good feeling."

Trendz of Essence saw a big turnout this year, not only in the audience but also in the number of participants. More than 30 students participated in the event.

LaShay Moss, secretary of Trendz of Essence, said while she had expected a big turnout, what she saw was almost overwhelming.

"I was shocked a little," she said. "I think we are becoming more known around on campus and it's a blessing to see all these people come out and support us."

However, Ramaro Barnes, a model at the show, said he had been expecting about the same amount of people that showed up. This was the second time the sophomore psychology major participated with Trendz of Essence. He found modeling interesting when he was looking around for groups on campus to join.

"I joined this group my first year. I was looking for groups on campus to join," he said. "I just enjoy walking down the runway."

Sophomore business and marketing major Hollin Bolden said this was her second year attending the fashion show. She said she came to support the organization and to enjoy the social event.

"I thought it was really good and I really liked how they incorporated outfits with the song's themes. Each outfit had their own song," she said. "I like that it wasn't the same, and I love the energy that people bring."

Diane Moss, LaShay Moss' mother, said this was also the second time she came to watch the event.

"I thought is was very energetic and very exciting. I think [the show] is getting better and better," she said. "I liked the diversity and the energy level, as well as the outfits and the dancing. I'll definitely be back next year too."


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