Ball State students to work with Indiana State Museum

Professors from multiple departments have begun recruiting for a project that faculty and students will work on in collaboration with the Indiana State Museum.

The project will incorporate different types of media to convey a story that uses fictional and non-fictional elements, Brad King, assistant professor of journalism, said.

Students involved with the program will have the opportunity to use real historical artifacts never seen at the Indiana State Museum to create the story.

King said the elements that will be used to tell the story are up in the air. He encourages students from the departments of telecommunications, journalism, theatre, history and others to get involved.

"Most of the kids that come out of my digital storytelling class, I have no problem placing them in jobs," he said. "[Working] with project management, working across platforms, writing to different mediums, creating different media for different things. In a project that you run and oversee, you can hand a book to someone when you're finished."

King said the story will include a number of different media including, video, audio, text and possibly performance as well as interactive applications such as phone numbers and websites for the characters in the story, which students will create.

Students interested in being a part of the project should contact King at


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