Dining Services to charges for cups of water, ice

Ball State Dining Services announced two weeks ago it would start charging 20 cents for each cup of water or ice without additional purchase at all on-campus eateries this semester.

Dining Services sent an e-mail Aug. 9 with the announcement, stating that the charge will "cover the rising cost of cups, lids and straws."

Jon Lewis, director of Dining Services, said the fee is an effort to encourage customers to be more sustainable.

"A disposable cup [is] not a very sustainable practice; reusable containers are much more earth friendly," he said.

Lewis said that since the policy began to be enforced, many customers understood although a few "expressed anger."

Ice and water will remain free for customers who make an additional purchase or use their own container. Before this decision, water and ice were free for customers regardless if they made another purchase.

This is the second time in the past five years Ball State has charged for cups of water and ice at its dining facilities.

The university had a 25-cent fee for cups of water in Fall 2005 regardless if any other purchase was made. The policy was overturned after a couple of months.


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