SGA debates attendance bylaw

Student Government Assocation raised concern on certain bylaw revisions proposed during Cardinal Impact's last regular senate meeting Wednesday evening.

Nine changes were proposed to the SGA senate members. Eight of the nine were passed without hesitation.

A bylaw concerning the organizational caucus seats and the attendance policy were the source of debate.

According to bylaw revisions for a more effective Organizational Caucus, the revisions deal with removing the African Student Association seat, adding a seat for the University Review Board and fixing an error that allowed Student Voluntary Services a seat.

A problem arose when it was proposed that the Organizational Caucus would be held to the same attendance policy as other senators.

The bylaw currently states that "two unexcused abences will result in the automatice dismissal from Senate.

Earlier this school year, the Interfraternal Council and Panhellinic Council had lost their seats on SGA senate due to attendance and communication problems with their organizations. Both organizations have since been reinstated.

Senator and president-elect Matt Whitlock said he didn't want to see a seat eliminated because of a miscommunication between representatives.

The bylaw revisions could be pushed onto incoming slate Student Connection's agenda because this week was the last regular senate meeting during Cardinal Impact's term.

As of now, there will be no senate meeting March 24 due to inauguration. March 31 will be the first senate meeting proceeding under Student Connection.

"We may be able to do this, I'm not positive," Carson Lance, SGA secretary, said. "We still have to do the new business of approving all of the at large senators because of the elections."

Cardinal Impact will talk with Lynda Wiley, SGA adviser, on how matters relating to the bylaw debate will play out and if the slate will get the chance to revise this particular bylaw before stepping down on March 24.

SGA also approved four members as Judicial Court Justices:

  • Rene Schoeff (Senior - Political Science and Economics-Pre Law)
  • Joseph Day (Senior - Political Science and Spanish)
  • Chris Wilkey (Freshman - Telecommunications)
  • Scott Peterson (Senior - Finance/Economics)


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