Daniels discusses various topics during visit to Ball State

Gov. Mitch Daniels ran the gamut of hot topics at his open forum Wednesday morning.

A diverse crowd of a few hundred people from the Ball State and Muncie communities asked questions about budget cuts for education, property taxes, health care and sustainable energy among others. Daniels spoke for a few minutes, offering bits of advice, before opening up to questions.

He began by apologizing for having to reschedule the event, which was originally set for January.

"Thank you for being here," Daniels said. "Thank you for your commitment to education. ... You are simultaneously doing the best thing for your state and setting a great example."

The first question addressed bringing jobs to Indiana. Daniels said his emphasis remains on bringing high quality jobs from anywhere into the state. His entire administration is focused on the goal of raising net income for Hoosiers.

"Every successful organization I've ever seen ... had a very clear objective," he said. "Everyone knows what it was, everyone knows their part."

He also addressed the most recent General Assembly session. Daniels said he gave the assembly "high marks," but there's always room for improvement. The budget constraints hindered its ability to do many of the things he would've liked to see, he said, but Indiana is doing better than most states that have had to slash much more of their budgets.


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