'My Bloody Wedding' to have Ball State premiere tonight

Independent filmmaker Morgan D. Mead had great success last year with his film "My Name is Jerry," which won various awards and honors on the film festival circuit and received widespread praise.


This year, he hopes to do that again with his latest film, "My Bloody Wedding."

The film stars Patrick Babbitt and Morgan C. Mead, no relation, and will play at 9 p.m. at Pruis Hall.

The director attended Ball State University before moving to Los Angeles and enrolling in the New York Film Academy. He said his new movie is a comedy about a wedding, a possessed bride and the groomsmen's attempt to stay alive.

"It's along the lines of the ‘Evil Dead' trilogy and ‘Wayne's World' comedy," he said. "I got the inspiration from filming weddings over two summers. I filmed 32 weddings, so by the time it was over, I was burned out. I wanted to do a comedy-horror and weddings came to mind."

His co-writer and lead actress Morgan C. Mead said she was very excited about working on the movie.

"People come together to make the best film possible," she said. "Everyone was very creative."

Morgan D. Mead said the movie's world premiere was Saturday at the Derby City Film Festival in Louisville, Ky., to an enthusiastic crowd.

"We weren't sure how the film was going to be received, but the audience was laughing out loud the whole time," he said. "Film festivals are always a great way to premiere a movie."

He wanted to show the film at Ball State because of his connection to the university. He was happy that "Jerry" had gotten so much attention from audiences and thought he could get that same response with "My Bloody Wedding."

Andrea Perry, event coordinator with Cardinal Filmworks, said the director had wanted to co-sponsor the event with an organization on campus. She said this will benefit Cardinal Filmworks, the organization in charge of Friday Night Filmworks and the Frog Baby Film Festival in April.

The "My Bloody Wedding" crew will have a booth in the Atrium on Thursday to promote the movie and the festival. Morgan C. Mead said it will accept student-made submissions for the festival and pass out fliers.

Perry said the director will attend the screening Thursday and will hold a Q-and-A session afterwards.

Morgan D. Mead said the film will not get as much festival exposure as "Jerry" did.

"We're taking ‘MBW' to a few comedy and horror festivals, but it won't be in the competitions," he said. "These screenings will just be for viewing."

The movie is Morgan C. Mead's first as lead actress and the first of many projects between the two Meads.

"Being my first major role is where the excitement comes from. Morgan and I already talking about future projects. I just hope audiences will laugh," she said. "People want to escape from the drag of life and I think this movie will give them that. It's important to laugh these days."

More about "My Bloody Wedding"

  • Cardinal Filmworks will be in the Atrium on Thursday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., talking about "My Bloody Wedding" and the Frog Baby Film Festival.
  • Students can submit their films to the organization for the festival.
  • The Frog Baby Film Festival will be on Saturday, April 17.
  • Morgan D. Mead's last film, "My Name is Jerry," received numerous awards in 2009 including "Best Picture Award" and "Best Supporting Actress" at the International Film Festival.
  • "My Bloody Wedding" is about a man whose fiance becomes possessed by a necklace. She starts eating people and hilarity ensues as the groomsmen scramble to save the day.


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