Comedy group entertained crowd with their suggestions for acts

There were plenty of laughs Monday night at Pruis Hall when 125 people went to see Laugh Out Loud.

The Chicago based comedy group was brought to Ball State University by the University Program Board as an attempt to try something different from the usual UPB events.

"This semester we've been trying to do some more diverse programming," Dillon Kimmel, vice president of marketing at UPB, said.

One of the skits the troupe performed included bringing two volunteers onto the stage and having them ad-lib a line whenever one of the comedians pointed at them. Another was "Everyday Olympics" which showed the sport of tying shoelaces.

All of the skits were created by suggestions from the audience.

"It's fun because it was very interactive with the crowd and we got our minds thinking more creatively," Matt Miller, who was visiting from Tennessee, said.

Although the turnout was not what UPB had hoped they were still happy.

"The weather was definitely a factor," UPB Program Director Amanda Day said to explain the low audience turnout.

But some people would have been there no matter what.

"I got an e-mail about it, and I try to do all the stuff on campus that's free," senior general studies major Mariah Phillips said.

Kimmel said after Monday night, UPB plans to rethink what events it holds but that they still like to try new things.

He said similar groups might be brought to Ball State in the future.

Day said she thought it went really well.

"I know I was laughing the whole time," she said.


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