Ball State students dance 12 hours for Riley's

The L.A Pittenger Student Center was filled with life last night and early this morning as students, families and others came together to support the Riley Hospital for Children at Ball State University's Dance Marathon.

Supporters enjoyed various forms of entertainment including games of ping pong, board games, dinner, tarot tables, movies and arts and crafts.

Not being able to sit down for the night, student dancers grooved to the sound of a disc jockey instead.

Senior psychology major Jennie Johnson said she really enjoyed herself.
"Overall it was amazing. Every year it just gets better and better," Johnson said. "I've done it for the past four years and my favorite is probably having the families come and talk because it gives a face to what you're doing. You actually get to see who it's affected."

For about an hour, guests also enjoyed the sounds of South Jordan, a band of students from Indiana University.

Pianist and guitarist in the band, Bobby Campbell said he enjoys performing for a good cause because it helps to get younger people involved.

"I think the best thing is that it's getting kids our aged involved with such a great cause," Campbell said. "I think a lot of college kids become more self introverted and I think it's a great way to get people our age involved in something that's bigger than us and realizing, really, our lives are awesome compared to people that are out there."

Junior physical education and health education major Amy Vargas said her freshman year she came to Dance Marathon not knowing what it was, but had a blast so she continues to support the good cause.

"You have the opportunity to hear people's personal stories, which usually you won't get that chance because they're either busy or they're in and out of the hospital or what not," Vargas said. "So I think it's just a great experience to hear other peoples' point of view and why they do it, or why they're there."

About 130 people participated, which is almost double last year's 70 participants
$14,964.90 was raised for children at Riley's Hospital


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