University officials will determine tuition increase after commission meeting

Ball State university officials are leery to comment on how the funding cuts for Indiana state universities will potentially affect next year's tuition.

Director of Communications Kevin Burke said the university should have a better understanding of how the funding cuts could affect tuition after the Higher Education Commission's meeting Friday at IUPUI.

"It would be nearly impossible to determine before the meetings how it will affect tuition," he said.

Burke said it was his understanding that representatives from each state university would make a presentation during the Indiana Higher Education Commission's meetings either on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning. Randy Howard, vice president for Business Affairs, and President Jo Ann Gora will participate in the meeting on Friday, Burke said.

In an interview Monday, Higher Education Commission faculty representative Cynthia Baker said decisions will be made at the conclusion of Friday's meeting around noon.

Indiana University administrators said in a press release they don't know how to make up the loss, but they will not raise the cost of tuition for next year in response to the governor's funding cut for state universities. IU will draw on its savings to combat the funding loss.

According to the Indiana Daily Student, "IU Board of Trustees President William Cast said the university has to look at its reserves and look at what cuts it can make without cutting into the heart of the university."

A press release from Inside Indiana Business stated Purdue University President France A. Cordova understands the challenges Indiana is facing. Maintaining the value of a Purdue degree while decreasing expenditures is a new challenge that will be added to the university's current efforts.

Jud Fisher, Higher Education Commission secretary and District Six representative said he is confident Ball State can withstand funding loss, regardless of the amount.

"The university will be able to handle an awful lot," he said. "They have some good leadership. Higher education is where a good chunk of taxpayer dollars go, and that being one of the biggest [areas], it would be a choice for funding cuts."

Fisher said the Higher Education Commission has a big task ahead of them to determine how funding loss will be distributed.

"It's difficult to think about, but its something we have to do."


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