BSU official says 1st snow worked out 'easily'

Ball State University crews spent the early Monday morning sweeping snow off sidewalks with power brooms and putting salt down on the roads as needed, Kevin Kenyon, associate vice president of Facilities, Planning and Management, said.

"It worked out pretty easily," he said. "I don't think there was anything unusual ... We just did what we normally do."

Kenyon said the first snow was fluffy and temperatures were forecasted to reach above freezing, so university crew did not use a lot of salt or pre-treat sidewalks or roads.

"We don't want to use a lot of it if we don't need it," he said.

Ball State does have a budget for snow removal expenses, but Kenyon said it's not like a city's budget that can run out of money. The university has never run out of salt because it can always buy more, he said.

During a "normal" winter, Kenyon said most of the labor comes from Ball State workers that would be paid for that time anyway, so it's not looked at as an extra expense.

Monday's snow could get dangerous early Tuesday morning if it freezes overnight, creating slick spots before the sun comes out and the temperature heats up, he said.

"I suggest that people be careful where they're stepping," Kenyon said.

Students should also wear shoes appropriate for the weather, avoiding smooth- or leather-soled shoes, as they tend to slip, he said.

Kenyon said he would advise students to be prepared when they return from Winter Break as well.

"January is our toughest month, so people should come back from break prepared to have their cars in cold weather; there could be [traffic] delays on the way in," he said.


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