Third suspect arrested in connection with armed robbery at Scheumann Stadium parking lot

University Police arrested Terry Keith Waldron, 25, Friday on preliminary charges of armed robbery in connection with the armed robbery of two Ball State University students on Oct. 12 in the Scheumann Stadium parking lot.

Waldron is the third Muncie resident arrested in connection with the robbery. Camron Charles Taylor, 21, and Joshua A. Broxson, 25, are already in police custody.

Director of Public Safety Gene Burton said Waldron admitted to being the getaway driver for the two other men arrested.

Waldron was held in Delaware County Jail without bond Monday. His hearing was held Wednesday.

Burton said armed robbery is a Class B felony. A 10-year prison term is standard for such a felony, he said, but the time Waldron will serve could vary depending on the circumstances.

Police think the suspects were planning to break into student vehicles when they robbed a Ball State student of her purse and belongings.

Burton, a former student at Ball State, said though the robbery is disconcerting, it was a "crime of opportunity."

"I felt that the campus was about the same as it is now when I went there," Burton said.

UPD is planning to increase patrols near the stadium and will continue to help prevent crime, he said.

The robbery took place in the overflow lot on the west side of Tillotson Avenue near the stadium. One student was robbed of her purse, cash, two iPods and a book. Neither student was injured, according to a campuswide Public Safety notice e-mailed to students the day of the robbery.

UPD is still investigating the Oct. 16 attempted assault on a student between Woodworth and DeHority halls, he said.


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