SGA spirit award goes to freshman

The Student Government Association announced freshman Corey Vanbuskirk as the winner of its "Write in to Win" contest.

Students who entered the contest wrote about why they have the most school spirit. Vanbuskirk's essay beat several other entries to win the prize of watching Ball State University's final home football game against Central Michigan University in the presidential suite with Ball State President Jo Ann Gora.

"I felt awesome," Vanbuskirk said of his win. "I'm excited for [my prize]."

Vanbuskirk's essay focused on his Homecoming experiences this school year. He and another freshman submitted Studebaker West Complex in the banner competition. Their banner won the overall banner award.

"It was a big accomplishment for us because Stu West hadn't been in the Homecoming festivities for five or six years, so it felt like we were bringing back the school spirit to Stu West," Vanbuskirk said.


Caucus Reports:

Chair: Kayla Pickersgill

  • The smoking initiative is getting underway with a meeting planned to discuss possible ideas to educate students.
  • SGA would like senators to reach their constituents in order to better communicate with the student body.

Chair: Henry MortinAson

  • Blue Bags for recycling were purchased for distribution this Sunday as part of the "going green" initiative at Ball State.
  • An event aimed at helping students transition from life on campus to off-campus living is being planned.


Committee Reports:

Academic Affairs
Chair: Brad Gottschlich

  • A program allowing students to rent textbooks at the University Bookstore was confirmed. The program is limited to books for core classes.

Community/Environmental Affairs
Chair: Ethan Fields

  • The committee spoke to the management at Woodworth Complex about the overflow of trash and some ideas about how to manage it.

Student Services
Chair: Kayla Pickersgill

  • Student Services' "How to" book is completed with the exception of editing, and committee members are working hard to have the book available in January.
  • Pickersgill is talking with University Marketing and Communications about sending a mass e-mail with the book to incoming freshmen and transfer students.

Governmental Affairs and Student Awareness
Chair: Holly Gamroth

  • A University Government summit is being planned for Jan. 28.
  • GASA will begin sending a representative to Muncie City Council meetings.

Student Safety
Chair: Michelle Voss

  • A student safety survey is in the works to get an idea of how students think their safety is being handled.

Credentials Board
Chair: Matt Whitlock

  • Two seats need to be filled on the Off-Campus caucus.



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