University Senate cancels October meetings

The University Senate and University Council canceled their October meetings, but that doesn't mean they're not doing anything.

Brien Smith, Chairperson of the Department of Marketing and Management, said fall is a time to reconvene and elect officers.

"Having no meetings doesn't mean nothing's happening," Smith said. "It just means everything's running smoothly. We're letting things percolate in the system."

Smith said the Senate's main functions are to make changes in the handbook and to make financial recommendations to the university. Everything is routed from the Senate Agenda Committee, and since there is no pressing business on its slate, the University Council meeting was canceled yesterday.

"Canceling meetings around this time of the year happens very frequently," Smith said. "It is less likely that you will see meetings canceled in the spring."

Smith said the most recent pressing issue for the Senate has been discussion for the new University Core Curriculum. He said last spring there was heated discussion about the potentially large number of students and the added work load for advisors.

"We couldn't offer our best service [if we had initiated the new UCC this fall]," Smith said. "We're teaching a lot of classes that were designed for the new UCC, but this year we're kind of phasing it in."

The University Senate works with Campus Council and the Student Government Association.

"We have [sort of] a dotted line association with student government," he said.

SGA doesn't fall under any category on an organizational chart, but Smith said they are represented and the Senate welcomes its input.

The next University Senate meeting is scheduled for Nov. 12.


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