SGA may lobby to extend Blue Loop shuttle service

The Student Government Association met Wednesday to discuss some of the issues around campus.

The focus of the On-Campus Caucus report was the push for educating students about the campuswide smoking ban in order to reduce the number of citations.

A plan to extend Ball State shuttles' Blue Loop route, which runs this winter, was also brought up at the meeting. Currently the loop runs from McKinley to Neely avenues, through Linden Street and back to McKinley — by way of Riverside Avenue — so that off-campus students have the option to stay out of the cold weather.

Off-Campus chair, Henry Mortensen said that the SGA — and specifically the Off-Campus Caucus — are trying to extend that route further south to incorporate more of the off-campus houses.

"The point of the Blue Loop is to make it convenient for off-campus students to get to class during the winter," Mortensen said.

Caucus/Committee Reports:

  • Kayla Pickersgill and the Student Services Committee are working on an online how-to guide for next year's freshmen, which will include approximately 64 pieces of advice.
  • Matthew Whitlock, the chair for the Credentials Board, said he miscounted the number of open seats on the On-Campus Caucus and there are now four open seats that need to be filled.
  • The Government and Student Affairs Committee report focused on plans to post SGA signs around campus and in the student housing near campus to recruit potential senators for the remaining four seats on the On-Campus Caucus.
  • Academic Affairs discussed the possibility of the Ball State University Bookstore renting out textbooks, as opposed to purchasing textbooks but the bookstore could not be reached for confirmation.
  • The Environmental Committee talked about the distribution of "blue bags" in an effort to reduce university produced waste and to promote recycling, as well as the Woodworth Commons overflow of trash and lack of adequate trash cans.
  • Michelle Voss, the chair for the At Large Caucus focused her report on the investigation into the effectiveness of security cameras in colleges across the nation and the possibility of installing some across campus to make BSU safer.


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