Ball State sophomore recognized for environmental video

Graduate student Stephanie Donovan was a participant in the Green Energy NOW! contest, which urged Indiana residents to voice their opinions about climate change.

The Hoosier Environmental Council hosted this contest in order to bring more awareness to the issue, which the council said is currently under Congressional debate.

The Energy Green NOW! contest was one of HEC's initiatives to get Indiana residents involved. Donovan competed against more than 20 contestants in this statewide video competition.

Her video "The Green Road" was named "Gift Basket Winner." This award was determined by random drawing. It included wine, dry goods and pasta from Whole Foods and a book about sustainable living.

Tina Noel, media and public relations consultant for HEC, said this inaugural contest was aimed at getting Hoosiers to share their thoughts and what they have done to combat climate change.

"The videos will be presented at the HEC policy forum on Nov. 14," she said. "Plans will be determined after this forum as to what the videos can be used for."

As a landscape architecture student, Donovan said "sustainability" is a buzz word in her field.

"It's something we design for," she said. "Reusing material onsite and using local material gives us a smaller carbon footprint. We can be in control of designing a green environment."

HEC urges Indiana residents to become involved in efforts to stop climate change by contacting Indiana senators Evan Bayh and Richard Lugar.

HEC's executive director Jesse Kharanda said in a press release she hopes Indiana senators will hear the message repeated in the videos:

"The time has come to do something about climate change, break our dependency on foreign oil, and start building the clean energy economy of the future."

Donovan said she considers herself to be an advocate for green energy.

"Making stop-motion videos is kind of a hobby for me," she said. "I'm all for cleaning up the environment, but I was just having fun with [my video]. Other people seemed to put more thought into it, but mine was more artistic. It just showed what I thought of the issue and what I wanted to see done."


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