Senator speaks out against Daily News

Dear editor,

As a senator for SGA and President Pro-Tempore I am deeply saddened by the reporting by the DAILY NEWS. I'd like to help set the story straight.

Chris Borkowski sent his first e-mail to senators on Monday, but just "happened" to forget to send it to the Executive Department of SGA. After the e-mail was found during Agenda Committee, he sent it to every senator and executive committee member.

When the senators accepted the motion to cancel committee meetings, it showed that senators were confident with their decision they made to vote for the current model. Many senators didn't even go to the social afterwards, and many were finished with their business for the semester and wanted to leave.

Senators were upset that they had been left out when the Compromise Model was written, and seats were taken away from them, so they felt they made the right decision. The vote on canceling committee reports was not even close. Senators were confident in the vote they had made.

It should also be noted that Senator Borkowski missed the first vote. He also did not send a proxy to give his opinion, which most senators often do. Borkowski wanted to give his opinion in Senate, which he had already done through e-mail, and Senators did not care to listen.

It should also be noted the reporter Lauren Phillips did not speak with any members of the Executive Committee to discuss their opinions on the issue.

Senators never fail their constituents. Senators do a hell of a job getting the student voice out, and I congratulate them for it.

The DAILY NEWS, being a hot item on campus, should never accuse the senators of failing students. They made a choice and that is why they are in office. The students stand behind them to make decisions, and they made a clear decision. But they did not fail any students!

Borkowski noted in one of his e-mails the following: "This is an incredibly important issue and after speaking with a trustee, you all should know that the administration is laughing at this entire thing because faculty and students can't decide on a single compromise."

Students are not going to come together with faculty to decide until the faculty realizes that they work for the University, and the University is made up of students!

Without students, the faculty would not be in work. If this is our school, we should have a voice. The Compromise model will roughly consist of 64 student members whereas the former model consisted of 95 student members. It's clear why senators voted for the Current Senate Model. They want a voice.

Nick Zuniga



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