Liberal programs assume too much; Americans capable of running own lives

I finally figured out why I oppose Democrats at nearly every turn.

I don't like to be told how to live.

They think we are all too stupid to run our own lives. It takes some examination and thought, but it is blatantly clear. At every turn the Democrats make statements, propose legislation, or support programs that insult the intelligence of the American people. Democrats think Americans are imbeciles.

In their minds:

Americans are too stupid to plan for retirement. Thankfully for all of us, the Democrats established long ago the wonderful and benevolent Social Security System and Medicare. Unfortunately, because it's been run like a government program, it will be bankrupt within 70 years. Plans to privatize part of the system have been violently opposed by Democrats because once again; we are all too stupid to manage our own money.

Americans are too stupid to take care of the less fortunate. Thankfully for all of us, the Democrats established the Welfare system to make sure that people can get a "hand up" from poverty or bad situations. Of course, since welfare reform was opposed by Democrats for 60 years, it became a handout and is still widely abused.

Luckily for them, it completely ignores the fact that before welfare, churches, synagogues and charity organizations took care of the poor in their own respect. Americans are just too stupid to donate locally, so our tax dollars should be taken instead.

Americans are too stupid to purchase health insurance and take care of their families. This latest Democratic attempt to establish their cradle to grave society places a fine point on the fact that they are the only people who can really take care of us.

Good thing Hillary Clinton and Al Gore are out there to attempt creation of social health care and steal one-seventh of the nation's economy from private hands.

Americans are too stupid to choose their media outlets. Tom Daschle has made a clear point in recent weeks of opposing the blooming conservative media outlets. While they are smaller and fewer, they draw larger audiences than traditional liberal media.

Since Americans are far too stupid to recognize that their news is closer to balanced from Matt Drudge and Fox News, government must make sure that they cover Democrats all the time and spout their propaganda. Good thing Tom is leading the charge towards censorship.

Americans are too stupid to responsibly own firearms. Thankfully, Democrats are out there supporting gun controls and restrictions. Obviously Americans are too stupid to own guns and not murder everyone they know. That strategy ignores the Second Amendment, but even that doesn't matter when liberal courts like the 9th Circuit are allowed to put their own spin on it.

Americans are too stupid to vote correctly. Despite the fact the President Bush made history and gained seats during a midterm election, we are all just too stupid to recognize the ramifications of such an event.

Vocal wack-job Barbra Streisand recently announced on her Web site: "Hopefully, by 2004, the party -- and the people -- will get the message." Apparently, all of America was too stupid to get the Democrats' message of radical environmentalism, obstructionism and socialism.

Good thing the Democrats are out there to save us from ourselves.

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