Letterman's mom appears at BSU to sign cookbook

Freshman Sarah Anderson was one of the many students who lined up in the Ball State bookstore Friday afternoon to see David Letterman's mom, Dorothy Mengering, and buy her cookbook.

"I thought it'd be a neat gift," Anderson said. She plans on giving the cookbook to a family member.

Mengering was in the bookstore from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Friday to sign copies of her cookbook, "Home Cookin' with Dave's Mom," an assortment of recipes for desserts, appetizers, main dishes and drinks.

Expo magazine sponsored Mengering's visit to Ball State, said Heather Turner, public relations director for Expo.

Turner said she interviewed Mengering for a story she wrote for the magazine and thought it would be a good idea to bring Mengering to campus for a book signing.

But signing books was not the only purpose for Mengering's visit. All proceeds for the cookbook go to the Kiwanis International Worldwide Service Project for preventing iodine deficiency disorder, Mengering said.

The disorder is the leading cause of preventable mental retardation. Brain damage, goiters and stillbirths are just a handful of the problems that can occur without a sufficient diet of iodine.

"Iodine deficiency disorder is a big problem in third world countries," Mengering said. She also added that by simply iodizing salt, this problem could be prevented.

"Children in this world are having a rough time, and it's definitely worth it if we can make it easier (for them)," Mengering said.

But Mengering's visit to Ball State was not entirely serious. She commented on the recent naming of an alleyway after her famous son.

"I think it's neat," Mengering said. "I've seen pictures on television (of it). At least it goes someplace and isn't debris-ridden and dark."

But Mengering also said she doesn't think Dave will be in the Muncie area anytime soon to see his namesake.

"He shies away from that kind of thing," Mengering said. "He doesn't even come to Indy, and only if he has to on business."


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