Compromise model process quite like childbirth

Dear editor,

I have seen many things in 50 years but the most rewarding is watching a child being born. Last week, in room 101 of the Teachers College, I once again was able to see and feel the joy of that process, with the birth of the new University Senate.-á

The parents were unsure of what was happening or what the future might hold for their new child. The joy most parents feel is often side track by the fear of what might happen during and after the birth. These facts could be seen and felt (Thursday) in that room.

The parents were scared but the doctor came in with a smile saying, "Relax. Everything is just fine. We have come too far to stop now, so relax and let nature run its course." After a few more painful minutes a child was born.-á

At this writing, the parents are still recovering and still unsure of what the future holds, but the child is happy and secure. The birth notice will list the parents as the senators of the old Senate. The doctor, who held the parents hands at just the right time was named Dr. Brownell.-á-á

The parents and the child will now settle back to enjoy the birth of another child. Soon the parents will begin to look at what is best for the child but that is another story for another time.

Tonight I go to bed proud of being both an alumnus and a student at this university. Tonight I saw leadership from the each member of the Senate; I saw a focus of unity and consensus that this birth would lead to a strong entity which would stand up for the community as a whole.-á

Tonight I will sleep well because of leaders like Brownell, Olowomeye, Losco, Popovich, Pitts and the rest of our senators, who tonight said we can do better. The child is in good hands.

Eric E. Richardson

Alumnus working on a 2nd degree


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