These boots weren't made for Walkin'

Fall's newest boot trend of pointed toes and stiletto heels may compromise foot comfort.

Fall fashion has arrived, and first on the agenda - shoes. The change this season: sophistication. Clunkey hiking boots are out and clean-lined, healed, pointed-toe boots are in, according to Angie Fiest, an assistant manager at Nine West in Keystone the Fashion Mall.

The main attraction for this fall is boots. To be more specific, pointed-toed, high-heeled stilettos. The main ploy for these boots is the feeling of sleek sophistication.

"Fashion this season is sleek," Feist said. "We got out of that whole bohemian theme and now the look is sophistication."

Foot fashion this season is displaying some unique designs. The look this season is going beyond the traditional stiletto boot and pulling influence from such past designs as a woman's corset. For instance, Nine West has released its Pendant boot. The boot laces up the back resembling a corset. It has a pointed toed and a three-inch stiletto heel. The boot is priced at $99. The Outfox boot by Nine West resembles the Pendant boot with the same lace-up detail, but has added tassels. However, even with the bonus of the sought after tassel , this boot still runs for less than the Pendant at $87.99.

Alexis Kern is one Ball State Student who does not mind spending her money on the latest footwear.

"It is important to me to dress with fashion and sophistication," Kern said. "It just gives me more confidence if I am dressed well during the day."

Kern is has aleady been spotted strutting herself around campus with the pointed toes and the stiletto heels.

"I love the latest styles with the pointy toes and the pointy heels. They are so sleek sophisticated and business-like," Kern said, "I know I own at least four pairs of pointy boots already, and that is just the beginning."

The style this season does not just stop with the pointed toes and the pointed heels, red is in according to Feist.

"Red is the color this season for boots,"Feist said.

Kern agrees with the color choice.

"Show your shoes off, put a bold color into your style, stand out so everyone asks "Oh my God, where did you get your shoes? " Then answer, Gucci," Kern laughed.

With Gucci in mind, the fashion of these pointed toed boots does not stop with women this year. Gucci and Dolce and Gabanna are two design labels that have displayed pointed toed boots for men. Recently, During Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (broadcasted on Style TV) both designers showed cowboy boots with pointed toes for their spring 2003 designs.

However, with fashion comes a price - pain. These boots were definitely not made for walking. Many of these boots have been known to cause blisters, cramps, and pain in the feet.

"They do hurt, but you either get used to them or you just live with the pain, but not all of them hurt," Kern said.

Some Ball State students feel that fashion is not worth the pain.

"I would not even be able to walk in those, let alone deal with the pain," Kristen Whilhem, Ball State student, said.

Kern suggests that if you have trouble walking in these shoes, wear them places that you will not be doing much walking.

"If you want to wear them on campus, take the shuttle or find a ride with friends, don't attempt the long walking," Kern said.

These boots can be found in a variety of places. Nine West or other high end shoe stores are one choice.

However, high end shoe stores may run at a high price. Nine West and Nordstorm are two choices that can both can cost any where from $65.00-$300.00 plus. There are alternatives to the high price though. TJ Max offers name brand shoes such as Nine West, Anne Klein, Steve Madden, and BCBG and the latest fashions for low closeout prices. Pay Less shoe store also offers the latest shoe fashions at discount prices.


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