Temporal Front: UniverCity simply part of liberal agenda

The tents have come down, the red carpets have been rolled up, and the performers have gone home. No, the circus didn't come to Muncie, I refer to UniverCity.

The stated goal of UniverCity was to promote diversity in our culture and our ideas. Unfortunately, the planners and organizers of said event spent two years eliminating any speakers of diversity from the roster. It's a familiar course of events, and it plays out in more places than Muncie alone.

When diversity is spoken of, you would expect a wide range of people and ideas, but instead the featured speakers of UniverCity provided only one side, the Liberal agenda.

Every topic from slave reparations to increased government spending was spoken on during the one week event begun by Danny Glover and ended with Sally Ride. Their ideas flow directly in parallel with those of liberals, and represent only one side of the story.

The principle players of UniverCity were of one opinion. Where was the diversity of opinion? Where were conservative speakers talking about their important topics? Where were they? The answer: at home. Like so many events before now, their views were silenced.

It has been a noticeable trend in commencement speeches over the last 20 years. Liberals with agendas speak at far more graduation ceremonies than conservatives.

The education system has chosen its side. It chose liberals because many educators and academia believe that socialism is better, and demagoguery is better than the truth. Their ideals many times flow in direct contrast to the ideas of their students, so they find ways to influence them. UniverCity represents such an influence.

There was no diversity during UniverCity. It was a joke of an event assembled to support an agenda. It has been the same way as long as most people can remember. Most students and faculty recognize this and don't attend. It's a sad truth and it must be addressed.

There are two years left to plan the next UniverCity. Perhaps the planners will recognize the lack of conflict, the single-sided statements, or the support of liberalism. Perhaps they already have and like one-sided stories. Most people don't, and Ball State isn't helping things.

There are so many popular conservatives these days. They talk on radio and conservative television, but they are rarely invited to college campuses in fear of offending an alumnus or a minority.

Perhaps it is time to hear more than one side of the story. Perhaps Ball State can be a ground-breaking, precedent-setting University.

Perhaps it is time for some diversity.

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