Our View: Voter Apathy

Homecoming Week 2002 is upon us, and among the many activities is the crowning of new Homecoming royalty.

This time-honored tradition gives students a chance to narrow down the field of candidates to a final 10 nominees, who are then interviewed by alumni for the ultimate glory - Homecoming king and queen.

According to Andrea Deer, Homecoming adviser, approximately 4,000 students voted for Homecoming royalty this year. This turnout is almost 2,000 more than the total number of students who voted in the Student Government Association election this past spring, when Tolu Olowomeye defeated Jeff Malloy 1,175 votes to 848.

Bewildering, isn't it?

It doesn't take long to figure out where student priorities rest.

Or, when one considers that total campus enrollment is more than 18,000, is this an indicator of selective student apathy?

Are students proving that they really can't care less about SGA when they vote for Homecoming royalty?

The most interesting thing to note is that both Olowomeye and Malloy appear in the top ten nominees for queen and king. Congratulations to both nominees for continuing to represent the Ball State community - the fraction that votes, at least.

At least there is some measure of sense in this. After all, Homecoming royalty is in many ways, quite political. Some would even call it a popularity contest. Pessimists would argue that Homecoming is simply about the best looking candidates - nothing more.

In the end, Homecoming and all of its activities should be for alumni. This is their opportunity to re-visit campus and re-unite with old friends. Most current students couldn't care less about it.

That is, unless there is an election going on.


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