Football player arrested for battery

BSU junior wide receiver suspended indefinitely from team.

Muncie Police arrested a Ball State football player at his home Saturday after he hit another man, ran from police and pushed an officer, injuring him, according to police reports.

Police arrested Steven M. Sutherland, 21, 1428 W. Gilbert St., at 9:52 a.m. Saturday on charges of battery, battery on police with injury, resisting law enforcement and reckless possession of paraphernalia.

Sutherland was released from jail Saturday after posting bail.

Since his arrest, Sutherland, a junior wide receiver, has been "indefinitely suspended" from Ball State's football team, said Joe Hernandez, assistant athletic director.

Before Sutherland's arrest, the Athletics Department called Sutherland and told him to give himself up to police, according to police reports.

Police responded to a fight-in-progress call around 12:30 a.m. Saturday at Carson Street and Virginia Avenue. After not locating anyone in the area, police went to Marsh Street and Virginia Avenue where they saw a group of people walking. One of the men, who had blood running down his nose, pointed to Sutherland and told police, "That's him."

Sutherland ran from police after the man identified Sutherland as the one who attacked him, police reports said.

Police identified themselves and told Sutherland to stop before they began chasing him. Sutherland fell in the alley behind 1120 W. Neely Ave. but got up and continued to run from police.

When police caught up with him, an officer struck Sutherland's upper body with his forearms to stop Sutherland from running, according to police reports.

Sutherland turned and pushed the officer, who was then thrown into a garage door behind 1120 W. Neely Ave. When the officer hit the garage door, he received scrapes on his left hand and forearm. His right foot was also injured, police reports said.

Sutherland continued to run from police, who lost sight of him as he ran into the alley behind 1119 W. Neely Ave. Sutherland's roommate, Jacob C. Kocher, who was held for questioning near Marsh Street and Virginia Avenue, told police that Sutherland hit the man whose nose was bleeding and then ran from police.

At 9:40 a.m. Saturday, University Police advised Muncie Police that Sutherland was at his home, police reports said. When police arrived at Sutherland's home, he was in the shower. Police noticed gravel and scrapes on Sutherland's legs, which were consistent to those Sutherland would have received after falling in the alley.

Police retrieved clothing from Sutherland's room, and while searching for weapons, found a glass marijuana pipe in the right cargo pocket of Sutherland's shorts. The pipe had residue in it and smelled of burnt marijuana, police reports said.

The man with blood running down his nose told police Sutherland and Kocher had seen the man and his friends walking and wanted to "hang out" with them. The group told Sutherland and Kocher they could hang out with them, but Sutherland began to act rowdy, the man told police.

When the group asked Sutherland and Kocher to leave, Sutherland became angry and started calling everyone "fags," police reports said. Sutherland then started hitting people.


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