UniverCity's nautilus shell represents community

Co-director of week-long event said shell is a sign of many parts coming together.

For the past week Ball State has had the opportunity to bring in speakers and events from around the world as well as from the local area. All the speakers and events tie into one aspect of UniverCity: the symbol of the nautilus shell.

The theme for UniverCity was "Celebrate Community: Cooperation, Collaboration, and Connection." This theme was demonstrated through many different areas of the week's events.

Lorraine Sinclair, co-director of the UniverCity steering committee, said she and fellow Co-Director Beth Turcotte were vacationing over the summer at different coastal cities and both found the nautilus shell to be quite striking.

"It's the image of the nautilus shell," Sinclair said. "It's a sign of many parts coming together like a community."

She went on to explain the natural beauty and simplicity of the shell, describing the balance and symmetry like a town or city.

During the entire week, the Department of Mathematical Science has explained the geometry of the nautilus shell to help people develop a better grasp behind its meaning.

Becky Bergs, instructor of mathematical sciences, said mathematicians love the nautilus shell because of its beauty and the many connections to nature. Bergs said the math department jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the events, especially with the nautilus as its symbol.

The Nautilus Theater is a large project that demonstrates all of these areas by showing student and feature films. The theater combined efforts of the architecture, music engineering and technology, visual arts, telecommunications departments and others.

Fifth-year architect students Chris Lauriat and Matt Goeringer designed a theater for the stone sitting area between the Whitinger Business Building and Architecture Building. In combination with efforts from John Fillwalk's advanced digital video and animation seminar, the team also received help from art and Telecommunication students.

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