TV Trivia to test students' knowledge of television culture

Couch potatoes and television junkies will have a chance to show off their TV know-how starting today.

The Multicultural Center, in conjunction with Housing and Residence Life, College of Communication, Information and Media and Fisher's Institute for Wellness, will be sponsoring a TV trivia event open to all students that tests their knowledge of television culture.

The event, which will last until Sept. 27, will be held daily at the Multicultural Center from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and will include a 30-question quiz for students to fill out regarding television trivia.

At the end of the testing time, those with the six best scores will be chosen to appear on a televised "TV Trivia" game show airing Oct. 4 on "NewsCenter 43" at 8 p.m.

The grand prize is a $100 gift certificate to the Muncie Mall, 3501 N. Granville Av., as well as other certificates to various businesses such as Papa John's, Circuit City, and Baskin Robbins.

The game show is the brainchild of Toni James, secretary for the Multicultural Center.

According to James, the main goal of the TV trivia event is to increase student awareness of the Multicultural Center.

"We want students to know the resources available here, and also to show students how important multiculturalism is through television," said James.

Another goal of the event is to help students understand the impact of television upon culture.

"Television is one of the strongest influences that transmits culture," said Derick Virgil, director of the Multicultural Center.

"If you look closely at television, it was one of the first mediums to become integrated and allow multiple perspectives to be portrayed. It shows us life from a different perspective," added Virgil.

Senior Julian Grace, announcer for the televised game show, fell into the event almost haphazardly, auditioning for the position after seeing it advertised on a flyer.

"It should be a lot of fun; I'm excited," said Grace. "And I hope it will shed some light on diversity issues and also show students that the Multicultural Center is not just for black (students)."


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