"The President's Perspective": SGA objectives cover diverse interests

Last February, Team Tolu campaigned on four main platform points: Muncie Relations, Academics, Campus Culture and Student Life. Specific objectives were set to fulfill each platform during periods of time we titled phases.

In our first phase, to conclude in early October, the Executive Department is working to formalize the Muncie/BSU Coalition, represent student interest in the strategic plan, increase visibility via Homecoming and Late Nite and open lines of communication with Parking Services.

Muncie Relations: Last semester, Mayor Dan Canon expressed his desire for the campus and community to better coalesce at a Student Senate meeting in February. Together, we decided to form the Muncie/BSU Coalition comprised of representatives from both communities that would meet monthly to discuss ideas and programming initiatives. A few slated discussion points include slumlord/tenant issues, the MITS Proposal, and the incorporation of an online city guide specific to Ball State students. To date, representatives from both communities have been selected and the coalition will conduct its first meeting before our October deadline.

Academics: In 2001, President Brownell presented his five year strategic plan for the university with an emphasis on resources and learning in Goal One. SGA Vice president, Megan Pickens, and Director of Academic Affairs, Dan Joyaux are working with the Provost's Office to better specify how this goal is to best accomplished. Both executive members also serve on the University Core Curriculum Task Force charged to review and modify core classes.

Campus Culture: SGA Secretary, Joe Flores, is working with senators to increase SGA's visibility on campus by actively participating and promoting Homecoming festivities and in co-sponsorship of UPB Late Nite activities. Ideas are also being brainstormed to better promote SGA. One suggestion has been to randomly distribute "I love Muncie" T-shirts at home football games and provide alternate programming during tailgating.

Amanda Govaert, Director of Student Services, is working to secure an SGA-sponsored away football game, as the Cardinals travel to face the Toledo Rockets on Oct, 12. Arrangements are being made to offer students roundtrip transportation, a game ticket and lunch for a small charge. Seats will be advertised as details are finalized.

Student Life: SGA Treasurer, Irving Washington, is working to establish a better relationship between parking services and students, by meeting with representatives from the Department of Transportation and the Public Safety Committee. Our hopes are to tackle a few small issues (decreasing lot times, while increasing meter times) before addressing bigger, broader issues. An open forum is planned for October where students will be able to voice their questions and concerns to parking officials and student leaders.

All initiatives mentioned will be finalized or carried over at our October deadline. In the meantime, feel free to add your input on our current objectives or suggest a few. Interested students are also encouraged to inquire about our available director positions (Public Policy, Information and Communication). So, please stay tuned as Team Tolu works hard to represent your interest in Muncie Relations, Academics, Campus Culture and Student Life.

Write to Tolu at taolowomeye@bsu.edu


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