Temporal Front: Attack Iraq now; Saddam Hussein must be removed to ensure peace

This week marks the anniversary of September 11. It is a day that will live in the memories of all who were watching as terrorists struck America. Because of that, there has been much talk, debate and fear about the causes and consequences of the attacks.

In its most diplomatic form, these conflicts are cultural. Western culture creates a clear division between secular and religious matters. Many Middle Eastern cultures combine them. To some it is a conflict of beliefs.

But when you honestly break down the scenario, you will see that these conflicts are far more basic than that. These conflicts are rooted in power lust, ignorance, and most of all in jealousy.

Leaders like Saddam Hussein will never support peace. He has attacked his Arab "brothers"-- Iran. He has gassed his own innocent Kurdish citizens -- men, women, and children. He has invaded his weaker neighbor, Kuwait. He is a violent, evil dictator who threatens the safety of the world.

When people say we have no right to invade Iraq, it shows how ignorant they are about world history, especially about the terms of surrender from the 1991 Gulf War. His lust for power will lead to his downfall.

Ignorance is a major problem for the image of the United States abroad. State-sponsored media outlets in backward countries spout blatant lies and propaganda against the west and its culture. Free media and expression are prohibited because those things threaten the existence of dictators such as Hussein. It is the innocent citizens who suffer because of ignorance.

Then there is the greatest cause of all: jealousy. These religious and dictatorial extremists hate our prosperity. Despite allegations to the contrary, America earned its success. By developing technologies, securing trade agreements and having hard working citizens we have made this nation an economic superpower.

No other nation can make that statement because they failed to use the resources they have to the greatest benefit. They have failed at basic economics, but rather than address those problems it is easier for them to blame America for their woes.

We are going to Iraq. It is time to stop a madman from threatening the world. If we have to do it alone, so be it. We are the ones who will have to defend freedom if he takes control of the Middle East unchecked.

So it comes to a simple decision: a strike now to stop Saddam before he acquires nuclear weapons, or lose tens of thousands to protect freedom later.

It is time for the world to wake up. There were appeasers in the 1930's who allowed Hitler to grow more powerful without consequence. There are appeasers today who say Saddam is an OK guy who means no harm. That's a lie -- don't believe it. It will take Iraqi tanks rolling through the streets of Europe before they address the threat.

It is time to stop playing political games. How much sense does it make to argue for the rights of Saddam Hussein when he gasses his own people? How can anyone who believes in the sanctity of human life support such actions?

His actions have shown he does not desire peace, but rather he lusts for power. It is time to put Saddam's reign of terror to an end.

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