Student injured in residence hall mishap

A combination of events in LaFallotte Complex brought police and emergency workers to carry an injured student on a stretcher down four flights of stairs and release a woman who was stuck in an elevator for two hours Sunday night.

University police responded to a personal injury call around 8:40 p.m. in Clevenger Hall. Two male students were wrestling on the fourth floor of Clevenger when one of the students fell backwards and hit his head, police said. The student felt tingles throughout his body, but police did not know the severity of injuries as of presstime.

Police could not immediately release the names of the students involved.

At the same time the injured student was carried down the stairs, another student had been stuck in the hall's north elevator for about an hour and a half.

Although LaFollete Complex has a service elevator, a Delaware County EMS representative said she could not comment on why they carried the student down the stairs.

Police said they received a call about a student, Megan Peppers, stuck in the elevator around 8 p.m. Peppers said she got stuck in the elevator around 7 p.m. and finally was released around 9:15 p.m.

The elevator was running but not stopping on any floors. The elevators in LaFollete Complex only stops on the sixth floor.

The witness said the elevator acted in a similar way Friday, when another woman was stuck in the elevator car.

"She went up and down about 51 times," the witness said.

Peppers said she counted to 60 trips up and down in the elevator before she quit counting.

"I lied down and took a nap," Peppers said. "There's not much to do in the elevator."

A sign posted on the elevator warned students to use the elevator at their own risk after the incident Friday, the witness said.

Peppers said her roommate was stuck in the elevator earlier in the week and that she saw the posted signs, but she said she decided to take a chance riding in the elevator.

After Peppers got stuck in the elevator Sunday night, two other signs were posted telling students not to use either elevator because they would get stuck.

Police said they were waiting on an elevator repair person to arrive and stop the elevator car. A repair person lives about an hour and a half from Muncie, police said.


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