Screech Rocks Muncie


Who knew?

Who knew what to expect when Dustin Diamond, formerly Screech on the television show "Saved by the Bell," came to town?

No one at University Program Board expected the turnout they received.

No one expected an angry crowd fighting with officials to get inside Ball State's empty shell of a Student Center.

Those students who were kept outside for more than two hours Friday night, and the University Police Department had to be called to control them while Diamond performed to a maximum-capacity audience inside the Student Center Tally. All they wanted was to see the show. They eventually got their wish as a second show was added.

Student Center workers and UPB members began turning people away as early as an hour before the performance because the Tally had reached capacity. Many students became angry and rowdy. One even burned a UPB poster promoting Diamond's performance, leaving the ashes on the ground in front of the north entrance.

One student was escorted away from the Student Center and across University Avenue.

Some students might have gotten rowdy, but what a welcome change in a town famous for having nothing for college students beyond shopping and eating. It's about time this campus showed some life. Finally, students could be excited about an on-campus activity.

No one could have expected such a turnout. UPB couldn't have booked a bigger venue or planned for this in another way.

But now they know what students want. Let's hope to see more.


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