Registration offered online

BSU Web site provides students with option to fill out voting forms.

For Ball State junior Hilton Turner, voting in the upcoming November elections has become one step easier.

With the recent addition of a voter registration link to its Web site, Ball State has found a way to help students such as Turner register to vote in their county of residence.

"This is a good thing that Ball State is doing for students," Turner said. "Everyone should take advantage of it."

Brian Farber, assistant dean of students, said students who visit the university's Web site can link to the Indiana Secretary of State Web site for the election division. Once there, a voter registration form can be printed, instructing students on how they can register to vote in their county of residence.

Farber said students must be residents of Indiana for at least 30 days in order to register.

Students who live outside of Indiana or live in Indiana, but would like to vote in Muncie may do so by registering as a Delaware County resident by October 7, Farber said.

Kay Bales, associate vice president for student life, assisted Farber in setting up the registration link to the Web site and said she believes it is a strong encouragement to students to register to vote.

"The university has been looking at ways that students in Indiana could vote," Bales said. "Obviously, the Web site will be one such option."

Farber said the university encourages students to get involved in politics, and since the university's Web site is visited often and is accessible to students, administrators felt adding the voter registration link would be a good idea.

"We value student involvement in politics and an important part of that is voting," Farber said. "Students should know what is going on in the government and let their voices be heard."

As of September 11, 2002, the Web site's records indicated it had received 645 hits since the beginning of the semester, a number that averages out to 2.89 hits per day.

Farber said the low number of visits to the Web site is something he would like to see change soon.

"This is unfortunate," he said, "but hopefully students will take time out and get involved in what is happening in their government."

Farber said all Ball State students received an e-mail from the Student Affairs office at the beginning of the term informing them about the new link and the upcoming national, state and local elections on Tuesday, November 5.


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