PLAN B: Sunday alcohol sale ban outdated

Now that the football season has graced us with its presence, drinking on Sundays has become more common. However, as most of us know, the sale of alcohol on Sunday is (for the most part) prohibited in the state of Indiana. I know one can plan ahead, but many of the people who would drink the beer are probably not the types to plan ahead. So why not sell alcohol on Sundays?

Mat: Ohio doesn't have the alcohol v. Sunday conflict like we do. This can be a problem for our state. I've heard some accounts of people going over to Ohio on Sundays to get spirits and such. This troubles me. First off, it is illegal to possess alcoholic beverages on which Indiana tax has not been paid and transport it into the state. Second, if these people are not transporting the alcohol into the state, they are drinking it in Ohio. And after they get drunk in Ohio, they have a ride back home.

Kevin: Exactly. It's like Indiana is saying, 'Instead of enjoying a nice frothy beverage in the comfort of your own home, we would rather you go out to Ohio or a restaurant, drink and then drive drunk.' Also, when people leave the state of Indiana, their checkbooks go with them.

Mat: If drinking alcohol on Sundays is OK, why not sell it? I know some people are too drunk to plan ahead, but if someone is that committed to drinking on Sunday, they'll find a way. Now, I'm not much of a drug advocate, but this just seems ridiculous. I don't see how the name of a day can govern the sale of something on a weekly basis.

Kevin: It's like saying, French fries can't be sold on Friday. Really, what's the purpose? Granted, the thighs of America would be grateful, but what would the ban be proving?

Mat: Maybe this law is in effect for a good purpose.

Maybe it's because Sunday is the most depressing day of the week. Maybe it's so people don't forget to watch "The Simpsons." It could be there to protect stupid betting on football games. It's possible that they want to lure alcoholics into church where they can get alcohol for free. I don't know. I'm not planning on drinking on any Sundays until Super Bowl Sunday, so I guess I'll mark that Saturday on my calendar while I'm sober.

Kevin: I'm not a big alcohol drinker, especially on Sunday. I'm concerned for drunk drivers coming back from Ohio, the potential income crossing Indiana borders and my friends who want to have a few drinks on Sunday in privacy of their home.

Final Thought: Indiana's no Sunday alcohol law: We'll drink to that.

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