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AT ISSUE: Everyone on campus can help do away with threat to students

The University Police need help.

A Ball State student was attacked near the Health Center early Thursday morning. A man wearing a ski-mask had a woman pinned to the ground and was holding her down and attempting to remove her belt.

The woman was rescued by a man simply identified in police reports as a Ball State student. He heard a noise near the bushes on the rear side of the Health Center and stopped to investigate. He scared away the attacker and walked the woman home.

Now police officials are seeking the man who interrupted the attack.

While police statistics do not show that sexual assaults are rampant on campus, they happen often enough to cause concern. However, most happen between two people who are acquainted with one another. Rarely does Ball State see a case where a person in a mask hides in the bushes and waits.

Students have a chance to come together and help catch this person before they are successful. Even if you don't know much about Thursday's attack, begin a dialogue with the person sitting next to you. Spread the word - the police need your help, whoever you are.

Surely most people at Ball State would have done the same thing as anonymous person did. This is the chance to show it.

Let's eliminate this threat from our campus.


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