My Bucket of Parts: Everyone can play 'six degrees' game, not just Kevin Bacon

I played the six degrees of Evan this past weekend. I'm sure you're all asking, "Who's Evan?"

That's a good question. I've never met the guy, but people tell me I know him real well. In fact, I look very similar to him. They say he could be a model, something about him being "super sexy" and "shagable."

I'll take their word for it.

But nonetheless, I played six degrees of Evan this weekend, so move over Kevin Bacon, there's a whole new spin on the word "Footloose." Keep in mind, when school started a long, long time ago in a - well, you know - when it started back in the day when disco was considered "old school," I didn't know any of these people my freshman year.

The night started fresh like every Friday night. It was hip, the air was cool and anything could happen. I was invited over to my friend Jaimie's house. I didn't meet Jaimie until a year ago - but oddly enough, she's from the Indianapolis area where I'm from, went to school with a good friend of mine (Gus) and was in 4-H with me. We both remember our 4-H leader, but we don't remember each other.

I know what you're thinking, "He was in 4-H?" Don't worry, I didn't show horses or pigs.

Also at the house was her best friend, Christa, who went to high school with Jaimie. I just met Christa a year ago as well, but she also knew my good friend (Gus). Adam was at Jaimie's house too. Christa dated Adam, who went to grade school with me, but was a grade below me.

That's three people right there I had a connection with. Jaimie already had Joe, a mutual friend of ours, at her house. Joe went to high school with me, and when I met him a couple years back, he knew me, but I didn't know him. He also lives down the street from my girlfriend.

Then Jaimie proceeded to tell everyone "Jeff and Kevin are on their way over." I figured it was two people I didn't know, and I have a fear of meeting new people in lieu of bad first impressions. I was ready to be the Rocketeer and jet myself out of there, when it was too late. The door opened and in walked - gasp - my old roommate from freshmen year.

So, Jeff was my roommate freshmen year. At Jeff's side was Kevin - a friend I thought I didn't know. I was wrong. Kevin is my current roommate's old roommate, and I met him a couple of times last year. A night that was supposed to be full of strangers was actually full of very familiar faces.

Have I lost you yet?

Then James came over. Who's James? Well, he lived on my floor last year, but I never really talked to him.

What's the point of all this? Here's the full story: Jaimie, whose house we were at, met me a year ago at a retreat where I befriended Christa, and stories of Adam. Both Jaimie and Christa knew Jeff - my roommate from freshmen year - and his friend Kevin, who lives on Jeff's floor now. Kevin lived with my current roommate last year, while I lived in Studebaker West down the hall from James, who knows Jaimie, who knows me.

Confused yet?

I'm trying to tell you in a horrific, confusing, roundabout way that I'm really popular. I think it was a freak accident.

So, the next time you're at party or hanging out with friends, be sure to ask if they know who "Evan" is, because it's time to push Kevin Bacon aside (who watches his new movies anyway?) and start playing the six degrees of Evan.

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