More senators attending SGA than last past two years

Student Government Association is seeing more faces at its meetings this semester than it has in the last two years.

Currently, 53 senate seats have been filled, nearly 10 more than were filled in the fall 2000 and fall 2001 semesters.

"It can fluctuate at any point during the year," secretary Joe Flores said.

Despite the inevitable possibility of losing senators, the executive board is optimistic. At this point, Olowomeye is hoping the extra minds at work will forward the legislative process.

"We will still focus on the quality of legislation, not quantity," Olowomeye said. "More man power helps get issues resolved."

Executive board members have attributed the increase in senators to a number of different factors.

"I think the competitive election added some value to SGA and Student Senate," Olowomeye said. "In the campaign process more student organizations and residence halls were visited. My administration had more chances to publicize."

Vice President Megan Pickens said dedication has played a role in the increase.

"Senators this year are much more committed," Pickens said. "They understand how important dedication is to doing a good job."

Wednesday's meeting began with freshman inaugurations and moved to an orientation for new senators.

Senators met in committees to discuss legislative goals after orientation.

Sen. Bryan Dunbar said the community affairs committee is working toward obtaining recycling services for fraternity houses. He is currently making contacts to learn more about possible services.

Chris Borkowski, chairperson for the governmental affairs committee, said he may have legislation next week regarding the 'BSU at work' Web site.

"We took a look at the program and the legislation advises levels to better student privacy," Borkowski said.

Borkowski and fellow Sen. Justin Hinga said the information provided on the Web site, such as students' ethnic information and social security numbers, violates Indiana State Code.

"Faculty has no right to look at this information," Borkowski said. "Only the registrar has that right."


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