Letter to the Editor: Militant Muslims promote racism, not American media

Dear Editor,

In his article in the Sept. 17 issue of the Daily News, Fahad Alqurashi cries out against the decision of a Florida university hospital to revoke the internships of three men of Middle Eastern descent after the three were arrested on suspicion of conspiring to carry out a terrorist attack.

I'm sorry, Mr. Alqurashi, but your claim of racism won't hold water. The powers that be at the Florida hospital were simply prioritizing, not engaging in "hateful...crimes," as you whined. Those in charge at the Florida hospital decided that their first and most important priority was the security and safety of their staff, residents and patients, over the desires of the three medical students in question to continue their internships.

We must all come to grips with the reality of living in a post-Sept. 11 world. Security is an important facet of living in America today. But instead of dealing with this reality, Mr. Alqurashi continues to focus on men of Middle Eastern descent as being the victims of Sept. 11. His claim that those in the American media are somehow "pushing this distorted image that Islam is a faith that encourages its followers to kill and destroy," is nothing but half-baked hogwash.

The people promoting that image are the militant Muslims who ram passenger filled airplanes into buildings.

Mr. Alqurashi complains that this supposed "racism" causes "fragmentation of society," and yet he neglects to mention the real fragmentation of the bodies - thousands of innocent Americans lost their lives during the Sept. 11 attacks.

Perhaps Mr. Alqurashi should focus his bitterness toward the real perpetrators of this "distorted image" of Islam.

As for the three (former) med students in Florida, perhaps there are openings at the University of Cairo or somewhere that they won't face such "hostility" and "discrimination."

Rebecca Feldman Secia
graduate student


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