Letter to the editor: Bush has gone far enough; Iraqi war must not happen

The last invasion of Iraq cost the United States and its allies equal to or more than 60 billion dollars and 80 percent was funded by our allies (Stevenson, Tyler "U.S. attack on Iraq may haunt economy"). This same money could be used to rebuild the U.S. that is already affected greatly by war. The economy could use the money. The flagging public education could use the money. The small alternatives to the automobile and airplane could use the money. The environment could use the money. These are only a few alternative uses for this waste of precious money.

President Bush should not be allowed to attack a nation that has showed no reason for invasion. If he is allowed to continue in this manner, what will be his next target? Will it be Iran, North Korea or perhaps even China? The President is showing the U.S. and the rest of the world that we are no better then Iraq, Iran or even Afghanistan. President Bush should show our form of democracy to be the best. First, he should ask permission of Congress. Then Congress should tell President Bush no, because this time he has gone too far.

Paul Angelone


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