Hot dogs may not be the answer for football attendance

The Student Government Association has an answer for Ball State University's woes when it comes to attendance.

Their solution is hot dogs.

With the NCAA's recent changes in Division I-A football criteria, attendance at football games has become crucial to our status as a Division I-A team. Ball State must average 15,000 people in attendance at home football games as part of the criteria.

But a number of questions come to mind.

If attendance numbers are of concern, should last year's SGA administration, of which the current SGA president was part of, have placed restrictions on tailgating against the wishes of the students they were elected to represent? Last fall, tailgating attendance dropped by a third a week after the restrictions were put in place.

Second, is anyone going to attend a Ball State football game just so they can get a free sample of Mark Carter's Almost World Famous Hotdogs? Sure, people were sad to see him move out of the Village this summer, but a hot dog probably needs to be world famous -- not just "almost world famous" -- to have that effect.

When will legislation be brought forward on other issues? Will we see anything about the parking spaces the university is taking away? What about overcrowding in the residence halls? What about overcrowding on the streets? What about the price of the food served by Dining Services?

There has to be something more SGA can do, or do they feel like the hot dog proposal represents the extent of their powers? If it is, something is wrong with the way the governance of this university works.

We're holding our breath for better things from SGA this semester.


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