Hospital releases injured student

Emergency workers use service elevator to transport student.

Hospital releases injured student

Emergency workers use service elevator to transport student

Chris Schilling, Assistant News Editor

A Ball State student who was injured while wrestling on the fourth floor of LaFollette Complex around 8:30 p.m. Sunday was released from the emergency room later that night, a Ball Memorial Hospital representative said.

The Daily News reported Monday that EMS workers had to carry the injured student on a stretcher down four flights of stairs. But Robert Engblom, director of LaFollette Complex, said EMS workers used the service elevator to transport the student from the fourth floor to the ground level.

Police reports identify the student as Jon R. Rice, 19, but the hospital representative said there was no record of a Jon Rice from Sunday night. The representative said the emergency room did have a Jon Price, 19, admitted Sunday night. The hospital did not keep Price, the representative said.

Ball State's student directory does not list a Jon Rice, but a Jon Price is listed with the same phone number as the one listed for Jon Rice on the police report.

Jon Price did not return phone calls from the Daily News Monday.

Another Ball State student, Justin Zukowski, told police who were at the Brayton/Clevenger hall elevators the student was hurt wrestling with his friend.

Police went to the fourth floor and saw the student lying on the floor in front of room 403 in Clevenger Hall, according to police reports. The injured student told police that he and his friend were wrestling when his friend pinned him to the floor.

Police at the scene told the Daily News that the student had possibly hit the back of his head on the floor. The student felt a tingling sensation throughout his body, police said Sunday night.

The police report described the injury as a neck injury. The student told police that his upper back/neck area hit the floor and he suddenly had a tingling sensation in his arms and hands. He also said the left side of his neck was tender when touching it, according to police reports.

The student told police he did not move at all after he hurt his back or neck. Police then called an ambulance and the student was taken to the hospital.


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