Five steps to a successful party

Struggling when it comes to parties? By way of advice in 5 different party specifics, the Daily News takes time to help fellow students find success in their weekend endeavors.

How to Dance
The art of moving the human body in a rhythmic fashion can somewhat be altered by the affects of alcohol. The best way to dance and have fun is to be yourself. If you believe you don’t have Justin Timberlake’s moves, you most likely do not. If you think you do have moves like Justin, you probably don’t. That should not keep you from dancing and having a good time. Even if you aren’t the greatest dancer, show others around you how much fun you are having. The trend will spread and make the party more interesting.

Top 5 Dance Tips
1. If the move imitates a household chore or gardening implement, leave it at home. (“The Lawnmower” and the “Sprinkler” fit in this category.)
2. Do your best to move with the beat, or at least whoever you are dancing with.
3. Leave the poles for the firefighters.
4. Know the difference between dancing and sexual harassment.
5. Be yourself.

How to hook up
If the objective is having someone to go home with, be as creative as possible. Make yourself marketable by being friendly, outgoing, and fun. Remember, hooking up doesn’t always have to involve physical activities. Even if a romance or fling is not the result of hook-up efforts, at least you found someone to party with.

Top 5 Best Pick-up lines
Sometimes simple is better. Try these lines:

Top 5 Worst Pick-up lines

1. Hi! I+â-òm (Insert your name here)

1. Nice pants. They+â-òd look better on my floor.

2. You+â-òre hot! Hi I+â-òm (Insert your name here)

2. Are you an overdue library book because you have fine written all over you.

3. Can you believe the people in here? (Follow with description of someone making a fool of himself)

3. Have any (nationality here) in you? Well would you like some?

4. Hey, what+â-òs up?

4. Is your name Miss Daisy+â-ëbecause I+â-òd like to be driving you tonight.

5. Hi! (enter something clever here)

5. I lost my phone number. Can I have yours?

How to tell if you are drunk
After a few hours, or drinks, depending on your habits, you should assess how much alcohol is in your system. Know when to call it quits. Passing on a few drinks at night can make the party more enjoyable, unless you like looking at the bottom of a toilet bowl for entertainment. You can have fun if you aren’t drinking, but here is how to tell if you are crossing the line to the land of intoxication.
Top 5 ways to tell if you are drunk
1. The ugly person who answered the door now looks good.
2. You don’t like beer, but now you are drinking it. If you can’t taste the alcohol, chances are you’ve had too much.
3. You have visions of completing tasks you normally would consider dangerous. (Climbing a building, attempting flight, dancing.)
4. You’ve called people you haven’t talked to since high school (including your teachers).
5. Somebody knows you from another party and you have no idea who you are talking to or you hear people talking about events you don’t remember.
How to remedy a hangover
If you drink responsibly, a hangover is usually avoidable. The only sure way of preventing a hangover is to not consume alcohol. Be aware of what affects you and what drinks make you ill.
Top 5 ways to remedy a hangover
1. Keep sleeping until the nausea passes.
2. Drink plenty of fluids, preferably water.
3. Take aspirin or ibuprofen. Avoid prescription drugs.
4. Eat something with substance such as bread or vegetables. Do not eat greasy or milk-based foods like fast-food or pizza.
5. Take a shower only if you are no longer intoxicated. Do not attempt a shower while under the influence.


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