Delta Sigma Theta to put on Sept Show Saturday night

Show costs $5 and begins at 7 p.m.

The women of Delta Sigma Theta will show the talent and skill of last year's recruits in their first step show of the year at Northside Middle School Saturday at 7 p.m.

A step show features different types of dancing.

Tamara Pernell, second vice president, said this week was a "jabberwock" or Delta Sigma Theta's national week of event. For the Ball State Chapter, their theme is "Step into Success."

Pernell said they are focused on physical and mental health, international awareness, political awareness and involvement, and community service.

The step show, which is an hour long, is preceded by a week of events such as an aerobics class, a dating game, HIV awareness lecture, and a movie which can be viewed in the Teacher's College room 101.

Although these events were all free of charge to students, the step show will be $5. Pernell said the show is well worth the money.

"You would be amazed at the technique and the skill used in stepping," Pernell said. "You should except to see lots of skill, talent and enthusiasm"

Neophytes, or new member from last year's recruitment, have been working towards this show since last semester.

"When I joined a sorority, I really started stepping," Pernell said. "At first it doesn't look as hard as it seems, but it's hard work."

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