Cardinals finish non-conference schedule Saturday

Two years ago, the football team defeated the University of Connecticut Huskies 29-0. And one year ago they defeated them 10-5. According to head coach Bill Lynch, the Huskies are a much tougher team than the first times they played.

"I think it's going to be a game similar to last year, in some ways, both teams are alike," Lynch said. "They're going to try to control the football, they want to be able to run the ball as well. I don't see this being a shoot-out type of a game."

The Cardinals are coming off a 30-7 loss to Clemson last weekend, and look to rebound and learn from that experience. Lynch said the team needs to continue working on defending the big plays, turnovers and the kicking game, especially field positioning. At Clemson, the Cardinals gave up four turnovers; two fumbles and two interceptions.

Field positioning hurt the team, pinning them back behind the 20 yard line every drive after the first quarter.

This year, UConn is 2-2 overall, both wins coming against Mid-American Conference teams. The Huskies defeated Ohio and Buffalo so far this year.

"I think that they're (the Huskies) are looking forward to it," Lynch said. "They know the improvement Connecticut made two years ago to a year ago. They know it's going to be like a good hard old fashioned MAC game on the road."

UConn is averaging 22 points per game and are only allowing 19. The team is averaging more passing yards than allowed, but the rush defense is a different story. The Huskies are averaging 104 yards on the ground, while allowing 150 yards.

"I think this can be a very good game," Lynch said. "It's an offensive team that can control the ball. We're able to run it, Talmadge has a high completion percentage, so I think that plays into our strength if we can control the football. At times our defense and flown around and really made plays."

The Cards will attempt a third victory in a row over the Huskies, Saturday, as they try to come out of a 2-win, 2-loss September. The Cardinals have decided not to practice at UConn due to the fact that the team played there last year, and the field is much like Ball State's.

"Getting off to a better start in September, that's been a goal of ours," Lynch said. "A win would put us .500 in the month of September, and sure you'd like to be better than that, but that would be a great improvement over the last couple of years."

The game will be broadcast at noon Saturday on the Ball State Radio Network. The game can also be heard on the web site or

"I think this is going to be a very good test for us in terms of what play in the Mid-American Conference is going to be like," Lynch said. "Hopefully it's a game we can go and play well, and develop a confidence you talk about as we go into the conference next week."772333333333333333333fM3M3MM+â-ä+â-ä+â-äf+â-¦f+â-äoM^of+â-á+â-áo+âwwwwwfowf+â-äf+â-¦f+â-ä+â-¦-ó+â-¦+â-ä3fff+â-¦+â-ä+â-ä+â-¦M+â-äMfowwwow+â-á+âo+â-á+âow+â-á+â-áwow+âo+â-áw+âwowow+âw+â-áoww+â-áww+â-áwow+â-á+â-áow+âww+â-á+â-áow+âwo+â-áwwo+â-áw+â-áwww+â-áwww+â-áo<<^ofoo+â-¦fo+â-áwfoofwwfwoofwwfoofww^fwwooooo^ffowU3"-¦IphotoUCONNpreview 9.27.02DNEditorial772+â-«+â-ú?E




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